Making a web server using python is very easy. It is done by using web frameworks of python.Here we are using as a web framework. For using python first you have to install python in your system. In linux and unix os's python is a built in language. Windows version of python can be download from and install latest version of python. from download and install Installing is a very easy one. Extract the file in a folder using command prompt go to the folder and type.

>>python install

This will install

Writing the first application

import web
urls = ('/', 'index' )
class index:
def GET(self):
print "Hello World!"
if __name__ == "__main__":, globals())

This is a Hello world program. Copy this code and save it as "" . Run this file using command prompt by using the command


this will give you a message like the below one.


This tells us that our system became a server and it serve the data through the port 8080. You can see the "Hello World!" message by typing the address http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.If all thigs worked well you can see Hello World! message in your browser. You can use the python functionalities for making complex codes for the server. The html pages are served using templates.